Website Development

The quality of your web presence can make or break your company. As soon as your page loads, your potential clients are subconsciously sizing up your legitimacy as a company by how it presents itself. Even before considering the quality of your product, many visitors will be rushing to hit the back button if your site doesn’t seem relevant, up to date, clean, and usable.

The internet has evolved past the early stages of bells and whistles, bright colors, and over-the-top animations. Users are more concerned with whitespace, ease of use, subtlety, and spacing, although they themselves may not even realize it. The upside to this is it has reduced the cost of building a website, the downside is that “simple” is an easy target to miss.

My name is Mike. I build websites. I can build a website to fit any budget. I can (and have) handled every size project from the complexity of a business card, all the way up to full blown service industry company management applications (which includes contract maintenance, appointment scheduling, invoicing, payment processing, mobile updating, reporting, documents, and so much more).